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Kabir Singh is an enigmatic Mentalist and Hypnotist from India. Drawn to the mystery arts as a child, he was quickly noticed due to unnaturally sharp people reading kills. 

Kabir uses a combination of psychology, hypnosis and intuition to guess what others are thinking. Initially venturing into the mystery arts as a card cheat in the underbelly India's capital, he quickly found an audience for his Mentalism & Hypnosis theatre shows. r

He has written and performed two critically-acclaimed live shows.

His 2022-23 live special "Four Horsemen" debuted in Gurgaon, India in July 2022. 

"I don't know him from somewhere. And I had no idea this was happening here today. I lost my dad 20 years back. And literally, people who know me in real life don't know his name. But he did."

- An emotional participant after Kabir

  guessed her late father's name


"I don't know him from outside. I didn't even know this was happening here today. But I have never had such an AMAZING experience."


—  A Participant after Kabir's 

   demonstration of mind reading

If I just met you, there is a good chance I asked you to think of a playing card. Of all the thoughts that run through your mind. This is the one that matters to me.

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