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Mentalist // Hypnotist




Kabir Singh co wrote and performed his hit, sell-out show "Confessions of a Mentalist" at The Piano Man Jazz Club. Watch some moments from the madness here



Kabir Singh is a Mentalist and Hypnotist from India, currently residing in Vancouver, Canada. The human mind is a complex system and like any other system it has rules that govern how it works. Kabir Singh is the code to breach this system. Using a combination of psychology, hypnosis, and deception he reads the minds of his audiences.


Kabir has worked with corporate events, NGOs/charities, and private events. Kabir Singh also writes and performs critically-acclaimed live theatre shows displaying impossible feats of mind reading and hypnosis.

What Is The Black Firefly?


Whether it be a large-scale company event, smaller private gathering, or promotional activities – Kabir Singh adores every opportunity.

Get in touch using the Contact Form at the bottom.

Stage Show


You would like to entertain your guests with an impressive stage performance?


As a stage performer, Kabir Singh has worked on various stages with NGOs and Corporates. He can enthrall your audience and can adapt to the available stage to create a special event, unlike any other.



You wish to entertain your guests with magic right in front of them? 


As a walk-act, Kabir travels from table-to-table or group-to-group to perform and provide entertainment. Kabir Singh openly mixes and mingles with your guests to create intimate, enthralling memories. 



You would like to loosen up your company event with an entertaining highlight?


Kabir Singh is happy to tailor-make his performance to your company or to the theme of your event. Pleasantly surprise your audience with a Mentalism Performance.


"The Firefly is a metaphor!"

That is where it all started.  A simple thought of starting something big. We chose the firefly because of its deep symbolism and magical nature. 


The Black Firefly is sort of an oxymoron. A dark firefly would be an outcast, similar to magicians in earlier times, it would be pushed away from society only because it is different. It has properties many do not understand.


Fireflies themselves are of extremely magical nature (metaphorically) during nighttime. The way they illuminate even the darkest of places just by simply being there. Likewise, Magic can turn the darkness (read "the grating nature of mundane life") into something positive and (for the lack of a better word) "magical".


-Kabir Singh, 2017



"Kabir left a huge impression on all the people watching him yesterday. We at KfK were honoured that he gave us his time and entertained us with his immense talent!"

Kavita // KidsForKids


"Young and charming Kabir kept getting my guests's undivided attention as he read their minds and told them what they were thinking!"

Seema Jajodia // Managing Director at Nourish Organics


"I don't know him from outside. I didn't even know this was happening here today. But I have never had such an AMAZING experience before."

A Participant After Kabir's Performance


I don't know him from somewhere. And I had no idea this was happening here today. I lost my dad 20 years back. And literally, people who know me in real life don't know his name. But he did."

An anonymous, emotional participant after Kabir guessed her late father's name

Contact Page
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Get in Touch

Book Kabir for your next corporate event or wedding, and create memories that last a lifetime. Kabir will bring his unique style of mindreading and hypnosis along with a charming persona to create a night to remember! A Night (or Day) that is as impactful as it is hilarious. Your event will become the talk of the town and your guests would thank you for it. Please fill out the form below for any performance enquiries.

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